Body Wraps & Treatments

Remove unwanted toxins and improve your skin’s vibrancy with a soothing seaweed body mask. Then relax while you are cocooned in our warm linens. A revitalizing cinnamon cream is later massaged into the skin to restore vitality.

This calming cryothermic body treatment will amazingly improve your body tone. Experience a dual sensation of invigorating hot and cold to stimulate the circulatory system in this all-natural slimming process.


A rejuvenating mint foot mask is applied to awaking the skin. Then points of tension are eased on the feet using specialized pressure techniques. This boosts circulation, relieves stress and increases energy throughout the entire body.

Hair Removal

A fine filament permanently removes unwanted hairs by killing off live hair follicles.

Comfortable and effective long-term removal of unwanted hairs on the legs, face, arms, armpits, back, chest, and bikini region. NOTE: Not recommended for fine and/or light colored hairs.


Specially blended soft or hard wax leaves the skin absolutely smooth and hairless.


Firm massaging to the deeper layers of muscle tissue to release chronic muscle tension. Helps to break up and eliminate scar tissue.

Relaxing kneading and gliding technique to dramatically relieve stress and tension. Luxurious massage creams are absorbed into the body improving overall skin tone. No greasy oils.


Calming for the baby, relaxing for the mother-to-be. Specialized techniques are used to reduce swelling and relieve joint aches and muscle pains. NOTE: Only during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. A doctor’s note is required if pregnancy is considered high risk.

Soothing warm stones are place gently onto the skin. It calms and gives warmth to tense muscles. This incredibly relaxing treatment is enhanced with a wonderful therapeutic massage.

Facials & Peels

Hydrates, tones, and invigorates skin. Sample version. No blemish removal. For all skin types.

Moisturizes, refines texture, and smoothes lines in damaged skin. For all skin types.

Hydrates, smoothes lines and stimulates collagen production in a natural acid/chemical exfoliation treatment process.

A gentle but very effective blemish treatment balances oils and exfoliates skin.


Lactic Peel

Renews cell growth and balances skin tones with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Great for sensitive or problematic skin.

A fine crystal based application exfoliates the skin and minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, minor acne scaring, brown spots and discoloration. Revitalizing!!!

A refined technique from our finest facial products used to purify and tone acne prone skin on the back. Blemish removal included.

Hair & Nails

An Expert Stylist will give you a new look with a precision cut, style or just update your look.

We offer an all over service of full color to highlights around your head.

Tames frizz and unruly hairs. Process straightens, yet you can still curl hair with maximum effects. Keratin treatment lasts apx 3- 5 months.


Come soak away the stress of the day with either one of our premier manicures or pedicures. Followed by a massage and a perfect polish in the color of your choice.

A special polish that goes over your natural nails and lasts up to two weeks.

Nail extensions that are chip free for up to two weeks. Makes your nails super strong so polish stays on.


Hides gray and white hairs. In colors including: Black, Brown, Gray, Auburn, and Blue / Black.

Lashes are individually placed upon your existing lashes to extend length and add fullness. They normally last 3 - 5 weeks.

Hydrates, tones, and invigorates skin. Sample version. No blemish removal. For all skin types.Chair Massage – A 15 minute, fully clothed, quick pick me up.

We use an expert combination of sea salts and scented oils to exfoliate, polish and buff the back.


Specialty wax moisturizes, soothes and warms joints. Great for dry skin. Not recommended for diabetes, poor circulation or open wounds .

Strictly a 30 minute peel which does not include a facial.

Specialty wax moisturizes, soothes, and warms joints in the hand or feet. Great for dry skin. Not recommended for diabetes, poor circulation or open wounds.

Dermaplaning is the removal of dead skin with a scalpel, it is used at an angle to slough off built up dead skin and vellus "peach fuzz" hair. It is painless and your skin will become smoother allowing products to be more effective, makeup will slide on and stay on longer.